Leadership Team


Natalie Lemons, Founder and President of Resilience Group, LLC, specializes in the area of Staffing and Recruiting and services a diverse group of local and regional companies, focusing on mid to upper-level management searches in a variety of industries.

Natalie began her career in the Human Resources industry over eighteen years ago, while looking for a summer job to supplement her income as a teacher.  She enjoyed the work immensely; so much so, she returned the second summer and never looked back!  She approaches her role in a consultative manner, as a counselor, rather than a “sales” person.  Each company (and opening within it) is a unique one, so analyzing personalities of employees and company culture is imperative to her.  As a result, she has earned a loyal client base, consistently looking to add reputable organizations to her portfolio.

Her current portfolio of clients includes manufacturing, aerospace, consumer products, insurance, healthcare and retail industries.  The clients range in size from small, privately held organizations to large, multibillion-dollar, publicly held corporations.  Searches are conducted on a national level and tailored to the customers’ needs, rather than sourcing from a single talent base.

Natalie is a graduate of Cleveland State University and holds advanced degrees in Education, Community Health, and Sports Medicine.  Natalie is a member of Your Partner In HR and continues to learn and share innovative techniques in sourcing and searching for top talent in a technological time.  She enjoys using her past teaching experience to provide informative presentations to business leaders.

When Natalie is not meeting new candidates and clients, she enjoys spending time with her family, exercising and volunteer work.


Peggy Wilson is currently a Partner with the Resilience Group.  Peggy started her career in Corporate Human Resources, working for many years for both a local nonprofit, then a large hospital system.  She transitioned into the Executive Search industry over 20 years ago, when the hospital system underwent an acquisition and closed its doors.

Peggy specializes in Business Development, Client Relations, and Talent Acquisition for the Resilience Group.  She focuses on Mid and Upper-Level Management positions in a variety of industries, including commercial manufacturing/distribution, healthcare, retail, consumer products, and professional services, to name a few.  Her clients consist of both privately held and publicly-traded organizations in Ohio and the Midwest.

Peggy is a graduate of Notre Dame College in Cleveland, Ohio, where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Human Resource Management.  Peggy enjoys her local sports teams (The Browns, Cavs, and Indians), and is very active with the American Cancer Society.


 Becky Lowe is currently a Research and Recruiting Specialist with the Resilience Group.  Becky re-entered the corporate world in 2012 after taking time off to raise her twins.  She previously spent over a decade working as an International Adoption Consultant, serving a wealth of national clients.

Becky specializes in extensive company research, utilizing her previous skills in uncovering pertinent information in unique ways.  She utilizes behavioral based interviewing techniques in order to identify the key indicators for success based on each individual company’s needs.  She prides herself in uncovering “diamonds in the ruff” and filtering out potential red flag behaviors.  The scope of her research ranges from small, local projects, to extensive work with national clients.

Becky is a graduate of The University of Akron in Akron, Ohio where she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Communications.  Becky enjoys spending time with her husband and two teen children.  She is a strong advocate for children with autism and other special needs and coaches a special needs cheerleading squad in her community.