Executive Search Services

What Makes Us Different?

The driving philosophy of Resilience Group is that we look to build long-term relationships, not short term hires.  We take the pain out of the hiring process by making it simple – for both the hiring companies and job seekers – because we handle all of the details during the recruitment process to smooth the way for successful placements.

Unlike many recruitment firms, we work very closely with BOTH our hiring companies and prospective candidates, handling all of the “behind the scenes” tasks seamlessly.  We use an innovative coaching methodology that enables both our hiring companies and job seekers to feel an immediate sense of comfort and confidence during the interview process.

Our custom service emphasizes providing our clients with exceptional candidates that are perfect matches for each available opening.  However, since finding the perfect candidate is only productive if the candidate accepts the offer, we also provide our clients with a wealth of resources, coaching, and up-to-date information on the most effective methods being used.  Our client companies have found that utilizing the resources and information we share with them results in more successful negotiations and an exceptionally high candidate close ratio.

While most of our searches are conducted on a retained basis, we do occasionally conduct contingent searches, conducted on a case by case basis.  Please contact one of our consultants for additional information.